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Anthony’s Story: Why Leaves?

Anthony Phills, Co-Founder Making a Difference in People’s Lives It was August of 2003. Bobby Lee Bonds Sr. passed away. Bobby was an American right fielder in Major League Baseball from 1968 to 1981, primarily with the San Francisco Giants. His son Barry Bonds is MLB’s home run leader. Barry was my client at the...

Mike’s Story: Why Leaves?

Mike O’Donnell, Co-FounderThe Unexpected Family Historian When I was a kid, I would have sleepovers at my Nana’s house. This was a big treat! I was one of five kids in my family, and me and my siblings would take turns staying with Nana and Grandpa on weekends. It was a chance to have my...

Creating a Biography Summary with Leaves

The Leaves Biography Summary application is an incredible way to create a super engaging summary of a person’s life story. It can take a few hours to do, but the results will surprise and delight everyone who sees it. A biography summary created with Leaves will last a lifetime, and makes a great gift. The…

Life Story Arc

The Life Story Arc is a wonderful way to tell your life story, or the story of your parents. It is presented in chronological order. You start at the beginning. You progress through the various stages of your life. You finish with your big contributions, lessons, and your hopes and wishes for future generations. The…

The Ten Most Important Life Stories: and Tips on How to Tell Them

At The Leaves Legacy Project, people often ask us for advice on the life stories that are most important to tell or write about. We have conducted numerous surveys on this topic over the last twelve years. We also have a feature in the Leaves app where people can request stories from their family members….

Your Life Story is a Multimedia Anthology

If you are thinking about writing your life story, think of it as a multimedia anthology. Many people make the mistake of publishing their life story as a single book. Even if the book is the size of an old-fashioned encyclopedia with tiny print and little pictures, it will not come close to capturing and…

How to Interview Your Parents About Their Lives

One of the greatest gifts you can give your parents (or grandparents) is the story of their lives. It is a thoughtful way to show them how grateful you are for the life they gave you. It is a fantastic way of preserving their legacy for your children and grandchildren. It is the best way…

How to Tell the Story of Your Parents’ Lives

Part 1: Table of Contents In the last series of articles, we covered how to interview your parents about their lives. If you have done that, you probably amassed a lot of information! Perhaps you have access to family photo albums, personal letters, family documents, and bits and pieces your mom and dad have already…

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