Our Journey to Preserve and Celebrate Life Stories

Redefining Personal Storytelling

At Leaves, we've crafted a series of state-of-the-art applications designed to empower individuals of all generations to tell, share, and preserve their life stories. Unlike other platforms catering solely to seniors reflecting on their lives, Leaves embraces stories as they unfold—capturing the essence of life's journey, big and small.

Versatile Storytelling at Your Fingertips

Leaves opens the door to an array of storytelling possibilities. Craft a tale of recent escapades, add a touch of humor, romance, or drama. Celebrate milestones with interactive greeting cards for birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more. Revel in nostalgia by recalling cherished memories of the past, crafting memoirs, and full autobiographies. Pay tribute to loved ones with lasting memorials.

The Leaves Legacy Project: A Vision Unveiled

This revolutionary venture was sparked by Michael O'Donnell, a serial tech entrepreneur, and Anthony Phills, an award-winning AI design visionary. Complemented by a team of seasoned storytellers and tech experts, they've united decades of experience in crafting narratives for global brands. Together, they conceived Leaves as an innovative and inclusive social platform—The Leaves Legacy Project—where everyone can weave their story.

Michael O’Donnell
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Anthony Phills
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
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Our Mission and Innovation

Our Guiding Principles

Preserving the essence of our philosophy, we believe in creating a platform where stories flow effortlessly. From the past to the present, we uphold the value of context and production excellence. Sharing cherished moments is made simple and secure, safeguarding them for generations to come. Empowering storytellers, we prioritize trust, privacy, and control over their narratives. With us, your story takes center stage.

Empowering Your Storytelling Journey

Discover the tools that fuel Leaves' innovation. Our enabling technologies transform your words into powerful narratives. With Speech-to-Text (STT), effortlessly recount your memories. Text-to-Speech (TTS) brings your stories to life through captivating narrations. Let our AI-powered Virtual Biographer delve into your experiences, crafting a vivid tapestry of your journey. Navigate your life's path with the Interactive Life Map and Timeline, while auto-editing and video production capabilities ensure your stories shine.

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Leaves is a Florida Public Benefit Corporation based in beautiful downtown Lakewood Ranch, Florida

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