Forget the Flowers and Chocolates: This Year, Give the World’s Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

80% of couples plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Most people will celebrate by eating out or ordering in, accompanied by the obligatory exchange of flowers, chocolates, and a greeting card. That’s all good and well…very traditional, but not very inspiring.

Ready to up your game?

The point of Valentine’s Day is to express your love and appreciation for your sweetheart. A thoughtful gift is a tangible way to say, "I love you" and “I’m blessed to have you in my life.” Dinner out, accompanied with flowers and a card, are worthy tokens of the effort you're still willing to put into the relationship. These traditional gifts demonstrate your desire to make your sweetheart happy.

Happy is good. Ecstatic is better. Add more joy and excitement for Valentine’s Day this year!

The most overlooked point of Valentine’s Day is renewing the special bond you share with your sweetheart. Afterall, your bond is unlike the bond of all other couples who have ever lived or ever will live. Your shared memories are uniquely yours. However, your shared memories… the unique bond you share…. fade with time. Valentine’s Day is the optimal opportunity to revisit those memories and rekindle that initial spark.

The best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is the story of how you met and fell in love. Unlike a store-bought gift, this present is entirely unique and specific to your relationship. It's a piece of your shared history, told from your perspective, capturing the special circumstances that brought you together.

Putting your personal narrative into words (and video) requires reflection and vulnerability. Sharing the ups and downs, the humor, and the emotions, showcases the depth of your feelings and how much your relationship means to you. Meeting your sweetheart changed your life in profound ways. Celebrate it!

Recounting the early days of your romance can reignite the spark, bringing back the butterflies and excitement of that initial connection. It's a reminder of why you fell in love and allows you to relive those special moments together. The process of writing and sharing the story of how you met can be a bonding experience in itself. Reliving those memories, choosing the right details to include, and crafting the narrative, can lead to deeper conversations and a renewed appreciation for what you have.

The story of how you met and fell in love is a keepsake you can both cherish for years to come. It's a gift that can be reread on anniversaries, during difficult times, or simply to appreciate the journey you’re on. It’s also a memento for future generations. If you have kids, they wouldn’t be here had it not been for that faithful day!

At the very least, your gift of story will prompt smiles (maybe some happy tears), hugs, and kisses. Awesome sex would be a bonus and definitely in the cards. 😊

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